archicivilians – A  freelance military researcher specialized in the Middle East and the Islamic world conflicts, expert in military related guides, tutorials, events, maps and info-graphics.

All the work (tutorials, guides, reports, researches, and military situation maps) done by archicivilians will be posted on this website in order to provide people with the latest information regarding ongoing conflicts, military events and other general issues.





e-mail address: archicivilians@gmail.com



* Some of the main sources used as references for researches, reports and news:

– The Syrian Observer

– Syrian Observatory For Human Rights – SOHR

– El-Dorar

– Institute for the Study of War

– The Guardian

– Al Jazeera – JSC

– Syria Direct

– DW

– Reuters

– Islam Army (Islamic Front)

– Syrian Media Center – SMC

– General Organization of Radio and TV – Syria

 The Jerusalem Post

– Mesop

– Welati

:: Activists and field activists from Syria, used sometimes as sources for some breaking news and updates:

Ammar AlHariri – Southern Syria

Hadi al-Abdallah – Syria

Ahmad Abo Omar – Northern Syria

Basil Darwish – Northern Syria

Anas al-Ma’arrawi – Northern Syria

Baraa Abdulrahman – Southern Syria

Anmar al-Turkmani – Eastern Syria

Abu al-Huda al-Homsi – Southern Syria

AbdulKareem al-Halabi – Northern Syria

Abu Firas al-Halabi – Northern Syria


* Google Maps & Wikipamia ~ I utilize Google satellite maps to show the military situation of a conflict or a particular battle on the ground.