The 7 Safest States to live in America

Safety is a great concern and one of the most important consideration people make when they plan to move to a new state. People are not just concerned about their physical safety and the chances of falling victims of violent crimes, but also they want to know that their family and property will be safe when they move to a new place. This is why most of us like looking at the list of the safest states to live in before they make a major decision to change state.

In as much as it is true that crimes exist everywhere, there are certain states in the US where the levels of safety are relatively higher compared to others. In such states, you don’t just experience low rates of violent crimes, but also the incidences of property crimes are relatively low. As such, residents enjoy greater peace of mind, and they don’t have to continuously look over their shoulders, fearing for their lives or the safety of their property.

7 Safest States to Live in AMerica

Before you can identify a state as safe to live, you must mark other places as dangerous. There is no specific formula to do this since crimes are everywhere in the world, but we used the available information online and data from the relevant authorities to help in determining the relative safety index of the various states. The states with a high safety index are not safe while those with low safety index are the safest ones to live in.

If you are interested in knowing which states are the safest to live in the United States, then here is our compilation based on the recent data-:

New Hampshire

New Hampshire makes it to the top of the list as one of the safest states to live in the United States. It is not necessarily a newcomer in the list, but for many years, it has been reputed as a safe place, both for single people and families in the United States. According to the latest population data, New Hampshire has a total population of about 1.33 million people. The violent crimes index per 100K people in the state stands at 197 while the property crime index per 100K people is at 1,512. This data simply shows that out of every 100,000 people, only 197 experience violent crimes and out of 100.000 homes, only 1512 do get affected by incidents of property crimes. These numbers are really low and they are a clear indication of just how peaceful New Hampshire is.


If your definition of a safe state includes a place where cases of rape, murder, and violent crimes are hardly heard or reported, then you have every reason to consider Maine. The state is found on the Northeastern most part of the country, and other than the rocky coastline and the rich maritime history, it is known for its relative peace, friendly locals, and the cold weathers. The state has a total population of about 1.33 million people, with indices for violent crimes and property crimes per 100K being 123 and 1645 respectively.

In the last year alone, Main recorded less than 0.001238 violent crimes per capita. This is a very impressive figure if you are interested in living in a peaceful and quiet city where everyone is like a brother or a sister and not so many people are thinking about harming you. If you have the chills to withstand the cold weathers in Maine, then it could as well be your next destination as one of the safest states in the United States.


Vermont happens to be the state with the second-lowest crime rates in the country, thus making it an appealing destination for those who want to run away from violent states. But it is important to note that even though the violent crime rates are relatively lower, a disturbing trend in the rise of property crimes is currently being observed, but not to levels enough to make the state be declared unsafe.

The population of Vermont is at 624,594 and the violent crimes per 100k stand at 158 while property crimes per 100k stand at 1, 697. So safe is Vermont that in one of the previous years, only 14 murders were recorded in an entire year. This is relatively low, considering that there are cities in certain states which records such a number on ordinary weekends. To mean that the murders committed in those cities in just one weekend are higher than what is recorded in Vermont in an entire year.


With the rich history, robust population and an enterprising economy, many will be surprised to learn that Virginia makes it to the least of the safest states in the United States. Unlike the earlier mentioned states which had the relatively low population, Virginia has a population of over 8 million people and it is considered as one of the top five safest States in the country. The violent crimes index per 100K is 217, while the property crimes index per 100K is at 1, 859. As a matter of fact, there is no safer place in terms of violent crimes in the far north more than the state of Virginia.

New Jersey

New Jersey is in the northeastern parts of the United States. It is the home of the Liberty State Park and it is also the site for the historic Immigration Museum as well as the iconic Statue of Liberty. If these are the only things you knew about New Jersey, then you should also be informed that it is one among the safest states you will ever find in the United States.

With a population of 8.9 million, the state is vibrant in all aspects, ranging from culture to economy. What makes it even more appealing to live in is the fact that it has the second lowest property crime rates with the property crime index per 100K being just 1, 544. The violent crimes per 100K are also not high according to the national standards, being just 245.


Connecticut is known for its blend of rural villages and coastal cities with several small towns dotting the entire state. Perhaps one of the most remarkable things about this state in the country’s history is that it is the home to a Seaport museum full of century-old ships as well as the Mystic Aquarium which normally holds the Beluga whale exhibitions. Connecticut is also the home of Yale University – one of the premium learning institutions in the world and famously known for producing some of the famous actors in Hollywood. With all these and other glowing attributes, this state which is the home of 3.6 million Americans also happens to be one of the safest state in the entire country.

With a violent crime per 100K index being 227, and property crimes per 100K being 1808 it suffices to say this is a good destination if you want relative peace for you and your family members. With a relatively high population, it is pleasing to note that only 2,700 cases of robbery are reported in an entire year and about 763 cases of rape recorded for a similar period. Though these may sound a lot, they are nothing compared to what’s being witnessed in places like California.

Rhode Island

What comes to the minds of most Americans when they hear about Rhode Island are the seaside colonial towns and the miles of the sandy shores. Other than having wonderful cities like Providence, which also happens to be the home of the famous Brown University, Rhode Island is without a doubt one of the safest states in the United States.

The state is relatively small, with a total population of slightly over one million people, but if the indices are anything to go by, it is a place you would love living in if you want to avoid states with high rates of crime. Rhode Island recorded only 540 robberies, translating to just about 1.5 robberies every day in the entire state. This is enough to make you extremely jealous of where you live.

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