Map: The Military Situation in Taiz City | Yemen | July 13, 2015

Map: The Military Situation in Taiz City | Yemen | July 13, 2015

As Houthis trying to take full control of the city, the Popular Committees backed by local tribal fighters in Taiz were able to advance in the city recently, supported by the Arab Coalition air-forces.

As a city’s population and political parties, Taiz city is known as anti-Houthis, which was one of the reasons that Houthis faced a strong resistance from locals in the city. The battle still ongoing as Houthis took Cairo Castle and attacking the city the villages they control over al-Sabr Mount. The Popular Committees were able to advance at al-Sitteen Street front-line, and took control of Shahid Hakami School, as also trying to secure the strategic Jarrah Mount.

To the southern areas, reports said that the Popular Committees backed by local tribal fighters advanced to Brigade 170 base (al-Arous Military Camp), and reached the western and southern outskirts of the camp.

As there are ongoing talks between the Houthis and their ally Ali Abdullah Saleh, with the Arab Coalition for a truce agreement in Yemen, local activists said that Houthis attacked Wadi al-Dabab area, southwest of Taiz city.

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