Map: The Situation in Yemen | March 29, 2015

Map: The Situation in Yemen | March 29, 2015 | archicivilians

After months of the fall of San’aa City, President Hadi was able to flee from his besieged presidential palace (by the Houthis and Regime forces loyal to former President Ali Saleh) to his allies in Aden City in Southern Yemen. It was a major change in the conflict, Ali Saleh Regime forces have shown the strong alliance with the Houthis and advanced together toward Aden City which was announced by President Hadi as the temporary capital of Yemen, after the fall of San’aa.

The rapid and strong advances by Houthis and Ali Saleh Regime was quite hard to be repelled by the Yemeni Army in Aden and Lahij, which forced President Hadi to demand a military intervention by the Arab countries. Operation Decisive Storm was launched in March 25, 2015 by the GCC countries in addition to Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Sudan and Pakistan. The Operation Decisive Storm which was led by Saudi Arabia announced that they were able to destroy all the air-defense systems of the Houthis and Ali Saleh Regime in the first day of the operation. The operation still ongoing as the Houthis and Ali Saleh Regime trying to advance and take more territories from the Yemeni Army (President Hadi Regime) and their allies.

No major changes regarding the AQAP moves in the country, except their still ongoing battles with Houthis in Rada’ area. AQAP preferred to use the guerilla method in their current military operations against Houthis and their allies, in addition to few tensions with the Popular Committees in both of Shabwah and Abyan provinces.

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